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HIPAA Compliance: More than Just Data Breaches

DIA Board Member, Amy Wood, recently wrote this article for Sally McKenzie.  It can be seen in whole on her site HERE   HIPAA Compliance: More than Just Data Breaches By Amy Wood, President of ACS Technologies, LLC   At this point we have all heard about the data breaches and million dollar fines, and […]

IT Security: What Every Doctor Needs to Know

DIA past-president and member, Bryan Currier, recently wrote this article for Sally McKenzie.  It can be seen in whole on her site HERE   IT Security 101: What Every Doctor Needs to Know   What is IT Security? Defining IT Security is a good starting point since it can have different meanings to different people. […]

IT Nation 2017

      Have you heard about it? Have you attended? How much did you learn?   IT Nation, hosted by ConnectWise a long time partner of the DIA, is the premier conference for technology solution providers and the largest event of its kind – offering a world-class experience for attendees. Here at the DIA, […]

Did you know that your data can be compromised?

By Patrick Jacobwith, Sunset Dental President, DIA Guest Writer for Sally McKenzie     Hackers have become more sophisticated, and technology has advanced resulting in an increased level of vulnerability to your network. Did you know more than 400,000 new viruses were written in 2015? Did you know there is a daily “black market price” […]

Do your Dental Patients Witness you Violating HIPAA?

Dentistry IQ Article: August 29, 2016 By Amy Wood   HIPAA has been around for 20 years now, yet many dental practices have barely started their HIPAA compliance journey. Despite two decades of regulation, I see multiple violations before even passing the front desk in many offices. As a HIPAA Risk Assessor, I’m trained to […]

DIA Press Release: Data Security

Data Security: A Growing Problem Who can you turn to, to help protect you and your business?   June 10, 2016 – Data security continues to be a growing issue facing small and large dental practices in the United States.  This also means it has become a priority topic for the Dental Integrators Association (DIA). Recently, […]

Six Ways to Make Your Dental Practice HIPAA Complaint

One of the DIA’s own, Amy Wood of ACS Technologies, recently wrote a great article, for McKenzie Management’s Newsletter, “Six Ways to Make Your Dental Practice HIPAA Complaint”.  As usual, Amy is a wealth of knowledge; please feel free to read, adopt and forward – as long as you attribute to Amy Wood and McKenzie Management, […]

Dental Techology Blame Game

Dr. Larry Emmott is recognized as a leading dental high tech authority in the country and with over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist, Dr. Larry Emmott’s mission is to help dentists make good technology choices.  In his most recent blog, he took on the topic of what he calls the Ping […]

World Back Up Day

        Don’t be an April Fool.  Be Prepared. Back up your Data on March 31st As a culture we have created more data information in the last two years than in the entirety of recorded history! That’s a lot of photos, memories, patient records, client files, and important data to lose.  Protect […]