The Best Independent Dental Integrators Depend on the DIA

  • Enhanced Credibility

    The DIA logo will serve as a seal of approval signaling that your organization adheres to a higher standard of performance and customer care.

  • Enhanced Capabilities

    You and your fellow DIA members from around the country will constantly interact and learn from each other’s experiences about what works and what doesn’t.

  • More Efficient Marketing

    DIA members will be able to pool financial resources and generate a level of awareness and interest that would not be feasible independently.

Benefits of DIA Membership

  • Authorized to display the DIA logo on your website and promotional materials and crosslink to DIA website
  • Access to the DIA message board and to the group site
  • Access to the DIA Annual conference
  • Your logo and company listing prominently displayed on the DIA website and in our searchable national database of specialized Dental Integrators
  • Opportunity to publish articles, White Papers, best practices, and other downloadable information on the DIA website (with peer review)
  • Opportunity to serve as a Committee head, Board member, or DIA Executive (elected)
Benefits For Integrators