Benefits for Dental Practices

  • Higher standards

    DIA members adhere to higher performance standards than do other dental integration firms.

  • Local knowledge

    Your DIA member is located near you.  Unlike a national dental dealer, your DIA member can give you highly responsive service with a personal touch, and will understand your practice’s needs like only a neighbor can.

  • Focused expertise

    National dental dealers juggle everything from selling cotton swabs to installing storage cabinets, and local integration firms serve everyone from law firms to restaurants.  In contrast, your DIA member is focused solely on delivering the most reliable dental integration services.

  • Objective advice

    While national dental dealers are often restricted to recommending whatever software and hardware they are authorized to distribute, your DIA member is free to recommend whatever is truly in the best interests of your practice.

  • More time chair-side

    Dentists who hire DIA members spend less time dealing with computer problems, which means more time generating practice revenue.

Benefits For Practices

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