DIA Press Release: Data Security

Data Security: A Growing Problem

Who can you turn to, to help protect you and your business?


June 10, 2016 – Data security continues to be a growing issue facing small and large dental practices in the United States.  This also means it has become a priority topic for the Dental Integrators Association (DIA).

Recently, there have been several news releases that outline some alarming software security issues specifically within the dental industry.  Although the DIA is not affiliated with any of the parties involved, because of the growing number of data privacy challenges in our industry we believe it is important to comment to bring awareness of the potential risks.

DIA members continue to work diligently to provide safe and secure connections for patient data.  It is essential for all practices to have business associate agreements in place with credible partners.  In addition, the DIA recommends that dentists review each business associate agreement to ensure their partners or vendors can (and will) adequately address security events or data breaches.

The DIA is a non-profit professional organization whereby its members provide valuable IT solutions to dental practices across the country.  The association is dedicated to providing a platform for the industry to develop best practices and collaboration.


About the Dental Integrators Association

The Dental Integrators Association comprises more than 40 independent technology firms around the U.S. that are dedicated to providing computer technology integration services to dental practices. All DIA members must uphold the DIA Standards Statement, the industry’s only published standard of care that clearly spells out the approach taken by members to provide the highest quality, most responsive, and most economical service possible for their clients. For more information, call (888) 249-0559, or visit www.dentalintegrators.org.
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Contact: Michelle Hambidge
Director of Marketing & Administration

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