DIA 2021 Annual Conference

It’s been a long, difficult, frustrating, eye-opening, crazy year!  The DIA Conference and our enjoyable week in Cabo is also long overdue! Let’s keep the great conversation from the Mid-year “Get Together” rolling; we can’t wait to see everyone!

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2021 Speaker Lineup

Josh Peterson, Bering McKinley


Gross Profit is King

Unlocking the Profit Potential of Service Managers and Dispatchers

As the founder and CEO of Bering McKinley, a management consulting firm that serves IT Solution Providers, Josh will discuss the roadblocks and expectations to Service Management.

Service is the backbone of your business. It’s not enough to just solve your client’s technical issues.  If you want to achieve the next level, you have to master advanced dispatch and service concepts, models, and ultimately a blueprint for managing and leading profitable service teams.

With an MBA and an undergraduate degree in education, Josh has studied how organizations work, how to train owners and staff on new and difficult concepts, and how to build teams that succeed for everyone involved.

Josh’s presentations at IT Nation, Autotask Community Live, Tech Select, Channel Pro, and other major industry events are filled with real-life scenarios, humor, and a harsh dose of accountability.

This is the 2019 Agenda, 2021 Agenda will be posted when final.