DIA 2018 Annual Conference

At times it seemed as though DIA 2018 would never be. We worked through travel bans, hurricanes and wild fires; yet we persevered

The 2018 DIA Conference will be in Fort Lauderdale!

The dates have been set and we want to see everyone there – April 18-21, 2018.  The B Ocean Resort will be hosting our ever-growing conference.

We have new members and partners to meet; so make sure you get to warm and sunny South Florida.  We can’t wait to see everyone!

-Click here for more information on the B Ocean Resort

Dental Integrators Association
2018 Annual Conference
April 18-21| Fort Lauderdale, FL
B Ocean Resort

2018 DIA Keynote Speakers

This will be updated with more information as we release it.

Check back for ways we can be Better Together!

Until then please feel free to review the 2017 Keynote Speakers and Partners below.


Supervisory Special Agent Watts, FBI

Understanding the Cyber Threat Landscape

Supervisory Special Agent Drew Watts

Federal Bureau of Investigations, New Orleans

 The goal of this lecture is to bring about Cyber awareness across all levels of infrastructure. Cyber is not limited by boundaries – it permeates every aspect of our lives. A Cyber-attack can be launched from anywhere in the world and remains a top priority for the FBI due to its evolving nature and the direct threat it poses to the United States. The question we ask public/private sector and government agencies: “Is your technical infrastructure prepared for the challenge?”


Business Agility

Kristen Capone, CompTIA Faculty

CompTIA, Business Transformation Strategies

 Are you planning for the future of your business? Are you able to adapt to volatile market changes and successfully transform your business quickly and efficiently? This session gives you the tools you need to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Attendees will gain a better understanding of IT market dynamics, while learning how to evaluate market developments and how this dynamic affect business strategy. This session also helps you identify trends in business performance that may signal the need for change while giving tips on how to handle those changes. Attendees will walk away with the foundational essentials for effective transformation and receive a copy of the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Business Agility.


Brad Schow, COO HTG

Blind Spots that Prevent MSP Growth

Brad Schow, Chief Operations Officer

HTG Peer Groups

 HTG has over 500 member companies and Brad is exposed to many of them as a facilitator and consultant.  There are definite trends in companies hitting a barrier and getting stuck at certain revenue levels.  He will discuss the “blind spots” he sees that cause companies to reach those plateaus and what has to happen to grow past them.

HTG is an international community of experienced Managed Service Providers and IT industry vendors focused on business and personal growth, execution and accountability. HTG provides peer groups and coaching and consulting services, and has member companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  www.htgpeergroups.com

Thank You to our Partners!

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

The Linda Harvey Group and DK Carr & Associates are two separate companies joining forces for the DIA!

Welcome Dinner Reception & Partner Recognition Cocktail

Network with your fellow attendees, speakers and partner companies at the DIA Welcome Reception and Dinner on Wednesday night, our Connections & Cocktails on Thursday, and the Partner Recognition Cocktail on Friday evening. All are included with your registration fee.

Lunch Breaks, Partner Recognition Breaks & Refreshment Breaks

Take advantage of the lunch hours as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks held in the Exhibit Hall to visit all of our partner companies.

Panel Discussions & Roundtables

Back by request our Panel Discussions and Roundtables provide the opportunity for informal discussion among meeting attendees to discuss those most pressing issues.

Keynote Presentations

Each day you will have the opportunity to hear about unique approaches to products, services, and technologies. Don’t miss out on these exclusive, educational experience.

2018 DIA Conference Agenda

Once the 2018 agenda is released it will be posted here.  Until then, please feel free to review the 2017 agenda for an idea of times and events.